"Imagine a world where young people worked with people of all ages all around the world and people with disabilities have equal access to technology and forms of creative expression"

Provocation Extract from Lizbeth Goodman, Futurelab & SMARTlab

Lizbeth offered one of the Provocations at the first Inter.ACT Residency - a presentation intended to spark debate and approach some of the key topics around Participatory Video & Media from a different perspective.

She is Director of Research for Futurelab Education: the world’s leading think- and do- tank on the future of education, dedicated to ‘transforming learning for all’. She is also Legacy Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at the University of East London, where her SMARTlab Digital Media Institute (which she founded 16 years ago) is currently based, alongside the MAGIC Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre and Gamelab, which she designed to incubate best practices in media tools for empowerment and engagement, in the heart of the emerging Olympic borough region for East London.


"...Imagine a world where everyone could speak in their own words whenever they wanted to for whatever reason and where any tool that was needed for free communication was available for free.."

Lizbeth is known as an expert in Digital Inclusion, including learning models for communities at risk. She is an award-winning advocate of community-based ethical learning and teaching models using interactive tools and games to inspire and engage learners of all ages. Lizbeth and her teams specialise in developing ground-up technology solutions for learners of all levels of cognitive and physical ability.


"...Then imagine a world where artists and technologists worked together of their own accord in and out of office hours - truly independent - imagine a world based on creating a means of free creative expression for others that could be shared in an open source model - no other agenda aside from real collaboration and sharing..."


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