"Mainstream media is not delivering - Participatory Video & Media - Challenges thinking processes  - it unleashes the potential of society to be creative and communicate -  those who take part in participatory processes they know the impact, they feel it, they see it  - a magical opportunity to create something original and brand new"


What is Participatory Video (PV)? How does it relate to other Participatory Practices within digital media – Participatory Media (PM)?


What are the key themes, questions, issues and trends that arise within PV & PM? What are the things practitioners and their commissioners should be thinking about?


Is there a PV & PM community and sector? What are the best ways to promote and support it? How can PV & PM raise their profile?


What are the PV & PM community’s future needs and how can they be fulfilled?



‘Participate’ or ‘Participatory’ - What is it? And is it a big deal? Why have we have spent so many years trying to create a method of working that aims to generate something of high artistic value but that also has a strong second story – that is a story of it’s making that is human and socially meaningful. (1)

So the idea – could it be that by making a coherent social narrative, as we do when we create an engaging piece of drama or documentary, we need to work together coherently (by paying close attention to how we deal with people and our environment) so that we generate more resilient communities where individuals and groups can flourish.

The accompanying short film puts together some of the thoughts being articulated by the group.


(1)’ The Second Story’ was a term used by film critic Gonzalo de Lucas in Cahiers du Cinéma España to discuss the work of Portuguese film director Pedro Costa





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