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"Catcher Media have been a wonderful team to work with. Easy-going yet professional; adaptable, yet always focused; creative, imaginative, and totally dedicated to the project.

Chris Pullin, Canon Chancellor & Education Development for Hereford Cathedral


Reclaim Our Future is a live and dynamic online resource for teaching and learning about climate change and citizen activism. It also provides a safe, secure social platform for young people to connect, share ideas and speak out about climate change. Check out the website for an inspiring collection of films and teaching activities.

We developed the film with 13 young people aged 12-18 years from Hereford with the international development charity Concern Universal in partnership with the NUT and with funding support from The European Union and RSPB.

Secondary School teachers: Check out all of the young person-friendly films and lesson plans on the website.

Our other projects with Concern Universal include

Building the Arborloo - a film about compost toilets made with primary school-children on a one-day visit to Acton Scott Farm in Shropshire.

Fuel efficient stoves-  showing how stoves make a difference to people in Malawi and help combat climate change.

Esthers visit - how one woman from Malawi is attempting to raise awareness in the UK about the effects of climate change in her native country.



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