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"Catcher Media have been a wonderful team to work with. Easy-going yet professional; adaptable, yet always focused; creative, imaginative, and totally dedicated to the project.

Chris Pullin, Canon Chancellor & Education Development for Hereford Cathedral


EasySRE at features 8 high-quality films which use drama, animation, interviews and demonstrations to explore many aspects of SRE and well-being. This website is designed to help teachers, youth-workers & health workers deliver their SRE sessions with confidence.

Each film was made with health professionals, teaching staff and young people. The website includes resources such as lesson plans, games and sign-posting information. There are also forums and links to useful websites.

We have done a lot of the hard work for you!

EasySRE is the 2014 winner of the Pamela Sheridan UK Sexual Health Award

Pamela Sheridan Award

Help I'm Hairy gets an update. The first of our projects for EasySRE is now ten years old and although the themes of puberty don't change much life is different now for year 5 and 6 pupils, so we have been commissioned to remake Help I'm Hairy ready for the next academic year.

How can I get a film and teacher's pack?

Walsall schools, youth settings and health professionals can use the Members Area, watch the films online or download the films and resources free of charge after becoming a member. DVD copies will need to be purchased.

Outside Walsall - schools, youth settings and health professionals can use the Members Area free of charge after becoming a member. You will need to purchase individual DVD copies, film downloads or 'watch online' options. 

What the professionals say:

Elaine Hyde
While the subject is sensitive the films are humorous as well as informative, and this usually puts pupils at their ease.

Janet Catto
Consider the content of the film and relate to the group as appropriate. You may want to consider splitting the group, for example by gender or smaller sizes, or in terms of their maturity.


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