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"Catcher Media have been a wonderful team to work with. Easy-going yet professional; adaptable, yet always focused; creative, imaginative, and totally dedicated to the project.

Chris Pullin, Canon Chancellor & Education Development for Hereford Cathedral

Academic Resilience Toolkit - A Whole School Approach

"A really well put together and inspiring piece. Great work." says Derek Trimmer, Head-teacher at Hove Park Secondary School

Above is a trailer of the first in a series of films made as part of a project which is led by Lisa Williams and Professor Angie Hart from boingboing  and the University of Brighton, in partnership with YoungMinds.

The films, (which we've collected on Vimeo at this link) which capture best practice from schools all over the UK, form a key part of an Academic Resilience toolkit which will contain a wealth of information and practical resources, intending to help schools make the link between building resilience and improving academic progress and attainment for pupils who are vulnerable and/or face greater challenges.

Films from the project have been shown in conferences in the UK and Australia.


"When we showed the film about Hove Park Schools approach at our national conference we were delighted to hear so much positive feedback from the audience. The film was described as 'powerful' and 'inspirational' by schools and it provoked a huge amount of discussion and commitment to go away and try new approaches and step up action in schools - which is exactly what we had hoped for, so thank you Catcher Media." says Jeni Page, BOND Co-ordinator, YoungMinds


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