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"I didn't find it hard to talk to them, it was easy, I wanted to volunteer to talk"

Ellie (14) on participating in 'Notes To Self'


We design and implement participatory video workshops and training. We wrap the training and delivery of PV projects together. We use a whole range of approaches and have worked all over the UK, and with DFID, the OU and LEADER groups in Southern India, Malawi, France, Eire and Hungary.


This year Rick and Chris trained a group of activists from Project Cobra in Guyana, in advanced PV and film-making skills. Watch the film.


Catcher were invited as experts in using participatory video techniques within educational settings for the Juxtalearn project.

See Livelihoods for our work in Southern India.


See Solinsa for our participatory film made in France, with a behind the scenes film.

Rick and Chris High (from the Open University) ran PV workshops throughout the UK at (Brighton, Newcastle, Milton Keynes) which led to the formation of a PV Network and Inter.ACT.  Watch some of the results:

Defining The Issue

Why use PV?

PV Reflections

River of Ethics


“Every once in a while a training course comes along that stays with you as much more than the learning of techniques: it becomes part of who you are and how you work. ( ... ) Yes, it was amazing how quickly a Luddite like me got into shooting and editing video, but even more amazing was the lasting understanding of how well participatory research can work. Somehow, having the technology as a focus meant that the process of learning and sometimes sharing my own knowledge with people was both eased and illuminated. In those couple of days of a brilliantly facilitated course I learned even more about working as a cohesive group while fostering individual creativity than I did about cameras, sound and editing software" - Kelvin Mason PhD. MA, MSc, B. Engineering, Visiting Research Associate, Geography and Planning University of Liverpool.


Please look at our blog entry for more comments.

FEATURED PROJECT: Participatory evaluation for LEADER+ in Hungary

A video evaluation of a pilot to develop evaluation methodologies for LEADER+ projects, using PV.  The project took place in Sumeg in Transdanubia, Hungary, and was developed in partnership with Dr Chris High of The Open University and Dr. Gusztáv Nemes of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Supported through The OU and the Marie Curie reintegration fund.


Also see our issue-based PV work with young people in the UK.


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Take a look at some behind the scenes pictures, evaluation videos and more. If you're working with us at the minute we'd like to hear your feedback. Check out the progress of your projects. Add your comments.


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